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The sensor that allows you to observe the wind live, real-time, anywhere, even in the most rural places that have neither electricity nor Internet.

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For wind addicts

Too much wind for paragliding? Not enough for windsurfing?

No more need to drive for miles to find out!

Set up a Windbird on your favorite spot and monitor the wind from your home, your work or your hammock.

Wind in detail

Windbird measures wind speed and direction, including wind gusts.


Access real-time measurements and the history in any way you want:

- directly on from your computer, tablet or smartphone

- or by integrating the Windbird module on your personal website or that of your club

- or by programming your own application with the Windbird API



Windbird makes wind measurement affordable. It is the first fully autonomous wind station whose price is within general public’s reach.

* The public price, before tax, is €300. Taxes vary by country.


With its small size and only a few hundred grams, Windbird can pearch anywhere.

You can even take it on vacations with you.


Windbird is energy-independent. It can be installed even where there is no electricity source.

It is powered by a military-grade battery, lasting about 3 years (replacement is less than 30€)


Windbird does not need nearby WiFi, smartphone or SIM card.

It connects to the Internet on its own, using the Sigfox 0G cellular network, available in many countries*.

Turn it on and here it is! It's as simple as that.

Either it works or you get a full refund!*

* click to see details below


Thanks to its GPS chip, Windbird always knows where it is. Its position is automatically updated on the map.


Les Windbirds like to help each other. They therefore share their data.

The goal is to create a universal wind monitoring network that unites all the users.

A Windbird installed on a kitesurfing spot may be useful to a glider pilot.

A Windbird from an aerodrome can help a farmer.

A Windbird installed on a farm may be of service to a kite-surfer.

Open data

The future of the weather is in sharing. This is why all the Windbirds give real-time public access to their data. Thus, everyone is free to innovate by cooking data in his own way and imagining the uses of tomorrow.

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